Pets-A-Bound is run by husband and wife partnership Mick and Kay Spencer.

Having dreamed of running our own business and working with animals all of our lives, we decided to set up Pets-A-Bound in 2011, which was put on hold for a while when Kay broke her ankle!

We absolutely love all animals and in the past have had dogs, rabbits, rats, hamsters, ferrets, budgies, canaries, fish and a bearded dragon and Mick helped his dad look after an allotment as a child, caring for chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and even pigs!

Through Pets-A-Bound, we have cared for a variety of other pets, some rare and exotic and we are happy to learn from pet owners and wouldn't turn down any pets, providing we felt that we could meet their needs!

We love all animals and have had quite a collection of pets- Harry the grumpy Jack Russel, Elvis the labrador and Tod the naughty Beagle are just a few!

Our newest family addition is Bruce the even naughtier Chihuahua who has joined the pack and rules from below! He's so cute though, he gets away with everything, despite his size!

                                                                       Mick keepscanaries and finches and Pedro the parrot keeps us entertained all day long.

Lemmy the Lizard

Lemmy the bearded dragon also lives with us


                                                                                                    ...and we have a pond full of fish!

We want to offer you a completely reliable and trustworthy service and will travel all over the Dearne Valley to care for your pets.

We will really listen to what you want and care for your pets as if they were our own!

We are police checked (DBS) and have dog walking and pet sitting insurance for your peace of mind.